Submit a Paper

Manuscript of the paper should be concise and in the following sequence:
1. Title
2. Author(s)
3. Abstract
4. Introduction
5. Observation and Result
6. Discussion and References

References should be in alphabetical or chronological order. Acknowledgement, if any, may be there after “Discussion and References” section. Papers for June and December issues must be sent latest by April and October respectively. Contributors should note that papers composed in odd number of pages have to pay for the next blank page also, as we provide them five copies of the reprint of their published paper. Only the communicating author is given a copy of the journal.

Line drawings, photographs and graphs are referred to as Fig-1, Fig-2 and so on. Illustrations must be drawn in India ink on white drawing paper. Photographs should be in sharp, glossy print with maximum contrast. The paper size of the journal is 10” X 7.5”. Photographs are acceptable at an extra cost.

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